Our Services


We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to fit your individual needs. Whether you have an idea of where to start or not, UMU can help to turn those ideas into reality.  Contact us to start on your idea today!


event planning

Advocate for your cause and create your vision.

Whether you're planning a conference or throwing a non-profit fundraiser, we're here to help with all your needs. We provide a variety of services that can be tailored to your specific event vision. Even if it's just a spark, we will help you build the fire. Our portfolio of event planning capabilities include:

  • Non-profit Fundraiser Events
  • Statewide Awareness Event Campaigns
  • Premiere Culinary Events
  • Environmentally Focused Events
  • Culturally Focused Educational Events
  • Grass Root Movements
  • Corporate Events
  • Educational Events
  • Product Launch
  • VIP Parties
  • Trade Fairs
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Executive Retreats
  • Conferences both local, domestic and international
  • Seminars


Build a network of supporters.

Getting your message across can be challenging. Knowing how to say it is just as important as when to say it and what media to use. But that's why you have us! We can help guide you, prepare you, and provide a vision of possibilities through:

  • Vision Development

  • Strategic Local and Statewide Capacity Building

  • Brand Alignment and Development

  • Communications Strategy

  • Business to Business Strategic Partnerships

  • Editorial Services

  • Digital/Social Media Campaign and Execution Strategy

  • Public Affairs/Issues

  • Media Relations/Placement


Reach your community.

Connect with those who make an impact to get the full return on your investment and make an impression. We specialize in the following:

  • Creative Editorial Strategy
  • Digital & Print Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Integrated Event Marketing
  • Product Launch