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Salon Suppers in Kaka’ako where Conversation is Food for the Soul

The tradition of salon style gatherings began in Southern Europe and is most famously associated with the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries. Salons were an exclusive celebration, attended by the most elite social, political and intellectual members of society. The gatherings served as a place where guests could meet and exchange ideas.

Since July 2013, Under My Umbrella, in partnership with Kamehameha Schools, has hosted four unique Salon Suppers as part of an ongoing series. Based in part on the original concept, our Salon Suppers strive to foster lasting relationships by bringing together an eclectic mix of people to enjoy a night of great food and intriguing conversation. Set in the social hub of Kaka‘ako, Harry’s Alley and Taste Table, Salon Supper allows our guests to gain a sense of the many exciting business ventures and developments taking place in our corner of the city, as well as network in a unique, relaxed setting. In turn we hope to inspire our guests to continue to visit and support the local businesses that call our neighborhood home as the area continues to grow.

Invitees to any given Salon Supper are suggested by previous   attendees and put into a lottery and are not permitted to bring guest. This is to ensure that each meeting is diverse, candid and encourages guests to venture outside of their social circle. Each supper begins with cocktails and is followed by a fabulous “family” meal prepared by pre-selected, locally renowned chef. Since July, we have had an amazing line up of chefs including Mark “Gooch” Noguchi of Pili Group and TASTE, Quinten Frye of Cocina, Celebrity Top Chef, Lee Anne Wong and Lance Kosaka of Top of Waikiki, Sky Bar.

This exclusive celebration of delicious food, stirring discussion and   community happens once a month. Continue to check our blog for   more updates as our supper continues to grow. Also, because attendees come from a diverse range of careers from all walks of life, you never know who’s going to be at your dinner table. So be sure to be on the lookout for an invitation in your mailbox, you could find yourself sitting at our table in the near future!

Complete Streets and Cyclovia at Hele On Kaka’ako!


Here are two new terms to add to your vocabulary:  1) Cyclovia 2) Complete Streets.  These two buzz words have become common household words here in the UMU office as we have just wrapped up the Hele On Kaka’ako event that took place place on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013, which featured both, complete streets and cyclovia.   Collaborating with Cyclovia Hawaii for the first time, the event featured  family-friendly activities, a 5K run at the Waterfront Park, a Complete Streets Demonstration Project on Cooke Street, skateboard ramps,  aerobics classes, dance classes, bike education, live music and food trucks – just to name  a few!

So what is a Cyclovia?

Cyclovia, or Ciclovias, originated in Bogotá, Columbia, in 1974 and have been successfully implemented worldwide. Cyclovias are sometimes referred to as “open streets,” “car-free days” or “Sunday Streets” and usually involve temporarily closing one or more roadways to motorized traffic so that people of all ages and abilities may enjoy them for recreational activities such as walking, bicycling, jogging, skateboarding and rollerblading.  

What about Complete Streets?

A Complete Street is a project that is designed by a volunteer group of people that might include professional traffic engineers, landscape architects, planners, architects, sustainable gardeners and businesses and community members. It is one example of how a street can become enjoyable for all users and create a more sustainable community.   Complete Streets reduce vehicle crashes and improve the flow of all users. During Hele On Kaka’ako, Cooke street was transformed with dedicated bike lanes, beautiful parklets and families were free and safe to bike, walk and stroll.  

Our sister company TASTE  also hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch put on by celebrity Chef Lee Anne Wong and her mother. The menu featured cheddar pineapple and banana bread, an appetizer plate with Hawaiian fruit medley on macadamia yogurt topped on Japanese rusk, crispy pa’i’ai with wildflower honey and Fresh Farms goat cheese,  haupia cream with house-made granola and smoked monchong, black pepper cream cheese with quail egg on a bagel.  The main dish featured crispy pork belly or roasted monchong with sweet corn hollandaise, creamy polenta, 63 degree egg, fresh vegetable medley and garlic crostini. And to finish it off, crispy coconut french toast with vanilla anglaise, bananas and Koloa rim sauce.

UMU was thrilled to take part in this new movement towards Complete Streets, Cyclovia and self transportation in safe, sustainable environments.  It was a pleasure to work with Cyclovia Hawaii and we were happy to collaborate with a new client who shares in our value of  a more sustainable way of life!






CEO Amanda Corby Talks Story with Hawaii: In Real Life

Re-posted from NonstopHonolulu & Hawaii: In Real Life

No doubt, you’ve seen a lot of things popping up in Kakaako over the last couple of years as part of Kamehameha Schools’ revitalization of the area. One of the players in that hip new vibe is Amanda Corby (@UMUHawaii), who moved in last year as a partner in Taste with Brandon and Poni Askew (@StreetGrindz) and chef Mark Noguchi (@Musubman). She’s no stranger to Hawaii’s food scene, as she’s a partner in life with Noguchi and has been involved in bringing awareness to various farm/food/feeding programs in Hawaii through her public relations company, Under My Umbrella.

As dynamic and visible as she is, Corby is still very much behind the scenes for a lot of these ventures: She’s the one herding chefs, calling media, and orchestrating logistics. Her next big project is Cyclovia, coming up in May, on Mother’s Day — in Kakaako, of course. You’ll hear more about this in the next few weeks, but it’s basically an event that will temporarily close various streets to motorized traffic while attendees safely enjoy recreational activities such as walking, bicycling, jogging, skateboarding, and maybe rollerblading (if anyone is still into that). Ciclovias originated in Bogota, Columbia in 1974 and have been implemented worldwide to promote healthy, active lifestyles and educate the community about bicycle facilities and pedestrian improvements in local neighborhoods.

We caught up with Corby to talk about Taste, Under My Umbrella, Pili Hawaii, and Cyclovia. I eat at Taste all the time, but for those of you who are still trying to figure it out, here’s a good explanation, as well.

Watch the video clip here

Sustainable Coastlines I HeART the Ocean 1st Annual Fundraiser

The girls checking out the silent auction, and placing a couple bids!

The girls checking out the silent auction, and placing a couple bids!

The Sustainable Coastlines 1st Annual Fundraiser on February 9th at the Elks Lodge proved to be a huge success. The night-featured celebrity Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin, a Marine Debris Fashion Show, Silent Auction, and Local bands jamming the night away. UMU is very honored to add Sustainable Coastlines to our growing family.  We really love their fresh, young, hip way of life and their passion for protecting our beaches. This event was a perfect representation of this.  Check out the Sustainable Coastlines website: www.sustainablecoastlineshawii.org for more photos from the event.

Yes, please!

A great sport in the fashion show.


Marine Debris, I'm thinking runway...

Alex with his fans:)

Sustainable Coastlines main goal is to educate the community to care for the coastlines through hands on beach clean ups.  Although this non-profit has done many great things for Oahu’s beaches and coastlines, the battle is far from over.  This event helped raise awareness of what Sustainable Coastlines has accomplished in the past two years.

 The First Annual Fundraiser raised over $14, 000 for Sustainable Coastlines (more than double their goal).  It was an amazing event with a network of talented like-minded individuals who know how to have a good time. We are already looking forward to next year’s fundraiser. We will keep you posted! 

the boys living it up

The boys living it up on the lanai

Celebrate Valentine’s Season With UMU- Part 1

Alex-250x3001st Date in Our Black Book:  A sustainably romantic evening with Alex O’Loughlin & Sustainable Coastlines

Under My Umbrella is proud to welcome Sustainable Coastlines to our family.  We have been busy planning their first large-scale fundraiser which is happening this weekend.  In conjunction with the Hawaii Five-0 cast,  we will host our “Heart The Ocean” Annual Fundraiser on February 9, 2013 at the beautiful Elks Club.
We are looking forward to an evening of sustainable fun with our very handsome celebrity host Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin).  There will be live music by Cynth & The What’s His Faces and Discord & Rye, delicious food, a marine debris fashion show, a robust  silent auction, and a whole lot of fun.

Sustainable Coastlines is a 501c3 non-profit that is dedicated to protecting Oahu’s beaches. Their mission is to inspire local communities to care for their coasts through hands on beach cleanups. Recently established in February 2010, Sustainable Coastlines has already been a huge success; engaging people of all ages in beach cleanups.  In the past two years they have organized nearly 4,000 volunteers who have worked together to remove 27,454 pounds of garbage from our beaches. This special event will celebrate and honor those who have contributed to keeping Hawai‘i’s beaches and environment clean while raising the funds needed to keep their programs running.

For more information on the great work of Sustainable Coastlines  visit www.sustainablecoastlineshawaii.org

There are only a few tickets left, but if you hurry you might be able to get yours.

UMU Teams with Pili Hawaii to Serve 1,000 for Kaiser Permanente’s Annual Day of Service

IMG_3969Monday was a great partnership between several like-minded organizations gathered for a day of giving back in He’eia.  We partnered with Pili Hawaii and Pacific Catering to provide delicious locally sourced lunch for Kaiser Permanente’s annual day of service.

Loving logistics like we do, UMU had fun working with Kaiser staff to plan for the organization of the big day and distribution of  lunch to their employees working at 4 different sites in He`eia.  From the mountain to the ocean, we assured everyone was happy and satiated with Chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi’s delicious and healthy lunch bentos.  Thanks to Pili Hawaii for all of your efforts, and a special thanks to Moumen, his boys, and Pacific Catering for your support! We are looking forward to many more collaborations with our new family.

I Heart the Ocean

Hey folks, just an update on our progress for Sustainable Coastlines FundraiserAlex OLoughlin from Hawaii Five-O will be taking us through the evening with some great live music by Discord & Rye and Cynth & the What’s His Faces!  Things are starting to come together for the Marine Debris Fashion Show; if you want to showcase your fashion talents you can post a photo of your work and how to contact you on Sustainable Coastlines facebook site.  We are also excited about the progress on the silent auction, if you’d like to donate an item you can contact Erin O’Connor at aloha@undermyumbrella.com.  Finally, just come to the event!  You can purchase tickets or tables here.  We’d love any support you can give to help Sustainable Coastlines continue their amazing efforts to clean up our coastlines.  In the past two years they have organized nearly 4,000 volunteers who have worked together to remove 27,454 pounds of garbage from our beaches!  Try imagining your local beach with all that trash on it!  We hope to see you all February 9th at the Elks Club in Waikiki!

International Surfing Day prompts beach cleanups

Tis the Season for Love & Family

Celebrating Francisco and Jennifer at the Halekulani


While we were on break, we weren’t fully on break.  UMU staff members helped to create a few  memorable experiences that we felt lucky to be apart of.  Once day Erin was putting final touches on an engagement party and the next Adam was manning the set-up and logistics for a beautiful country wedding.

Erin assisted with the  celebration of the engagement of Francisco and Jennifer at the Halekulani. An evening filled with family, friends, food, and music. A great way to celebrate the holidays. Francisco and Jennifer will be officially tying the knot in Columbia, but wanted to celebrate with their friends and family in Hawaii before hand and asked for our help. We enjoyed working with the Halekulani staff as always and loved seeing Jennifer relax with friends while we made sure things ran smoothly.  A beautiful couple with many more amazing things to look forward to in this New Year!

Another wedding was taking place under the direction of Adam on the North Shore across from the famous Pipeline.  Under beautifully lit tents, about 200 friends and family joined together on Sunday, December 29th for this rustic style wedding and UMU was again on board to assure things ran smoothly. Congratulations to Mele and Alex!  We captured a particularly amazing moment as Meleana danced the traditional hula for her guests.   The night was festive, fun and pretty relaxed–just the way it should be.  Hawaiian music played in the background, the imu pit was a main attraction and produced most of the food to feed all 200 attendees.

Mele dancing hula at her wedding

Mele dancing hula at her wedding

Under My Umbrella loves being able to share these moments with our clients and watch them relax while we do the work they shouldn’t worry about on special days such as these. No matter what the season, occasion or size of the task, our staff works hard so that these events are memorable for the right reasons. It was a busy Christmas season, but looking over our shoulder…it really is all about the love. Congratulations to the beautiful couples, may this next year be a blessed one for you and your new O’hana.